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Medical emergency is a type of uncertainty experienced by almost everyone of us at some point in our life. It is totally stressful and either go through a medical emergency or watching our loved ones battling to recover from the medical problems. When such thing happens, people are left stranded and do not know to make a wise decision of dealing them.

Some of the most common medical emergencies experienced by people include but not limited to Bleeding, Burns and Scalds, Breathing difficulties, Seizures, Heart attack, Stroke, Sudden collapse, Electrocution, Bites / Stings, etc. Knowing the right medical professional at the right location is a bigger task in itself during this stressful situation.

Primary Care

SPOTRUSH has the ability to identify the exact co-ordinates and location of the patient and connects them to various Physicians, Hospitals, ER departments, etc. from their location.

Emergency Case

When the patient is immobilized, an Ambulance will be at the Patient locations after a single click from the app without going through the traditional way of calling Ambulance and hospitals.


SPOTRUSH also allows the patients and care taker to know the type of hospital, and their specialization, even availability schedules can be notified.

The Life Saver

SPOTRUSH saves a lot of time on the admission related paper work. With an aim to initiate timely care and with quality, all these administrative efforts are managed seamlessly within the app.

Patients and care givers are freed from going through administrative task as Hospital executives can pull all relevant information about their patient directly from the app.DOWNLOAD THE APP AVAILABLE ON


"As a Doctor i wondered always how people will act in the case of enmergency to them or around them.I wanted to do something regard that, so i developed an application which helps in the case of emergency in the case of emergency with ease."

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